March Pi Day Madness: 14 Pie Recipes And 3 Pie Crusts To Celebrate 3.14

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Lemony Sour Cream Cheesecake

Lemon is one of my favorite dessert flavors, and cheesecake is the best thing on the entire planet. So this lemony sour cream cheesecake from Daisy Sour Cream calls to me sweetly, yet tartly. I’m definitely making this the next time my lemon dessert-loving friend Cindy comes to visit. We will eat it with a spoon in one sitting and then sit on the couch to digest for a week like we’re a couple of cheesecake snakes.

In addition to being super easy to make, graham cracker crust help cheesecake become the world’s most perfect dessert and breakfast. It’s just so good! I mean, I guess you could make cheesecake in a regular pie shell. But as much as I love pastry shells, no. You at least need some kind of cookie-based crust, like your chocolate or Nilla wafers. Naked cheesecake is for weirdos who hate flavor.

This crust contains graham cracker crumbs, sugar, lemon zest and melted butter. For the filling, you need cream cheese, sour cream, flour, vanilla extract, salt, eggs, and lemon juice. I for serious don’t understand why this otherwise peerless filling doesn’t call for lemon zest. Add some. You will thank me.

Recommended ice cream pairing: I would top it with fresh blueberries, but. If you want ice cream with your cheesecake, I guess YOLO, my dude. So blueberry ice cream if you’re going to go there. OK, that sounds really good. You know what? Blueberry sorbet is perfect.