March Pi Day Madness: 14 Pie Recipes And 3 Pie Crusts To Celebrate 3.14

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Blue Ribbon Blueberry Pie

I can’t think of a better use for fresh blueberries than a straight-up blueberry pie. This blue ribbon blueberry pie recipe from King Arthur Flour is just that. It puts fresh, juicy berries right where they should be: in the spotlight. The filling is rounded out with fresh blueberries, sugar, all purpose flour, Madagascar cinnamon, lemon juice, butter, and cinnamon-sugar.

Don’t buy cinnamon sugar. Just mix together cinnamon and sugar. And if you don’t have Madagascar cinnamon hanging around your pantry, don’t sweat it. Use the cinnamon you have. They’re all good cinnamons, Brent.

This is a must-bake for summer, especially if you can get local blueberries. We used to have a connection in Jersey. She’d bring my mom a 10-pound box every summer. That worked well for my dad, who eats about half a pint every day with his Cheerios. Oh man, those blueberries were amazing. New Jersey really is the garden state.

Recommended ice cream pairing: In order of best-ness, your ice cream choices here are lemon, ginger, cinnamon, and vanilla bean. And if you actually like coconut, unlike me, coconut ice cream is probably perfect, if you can get your hands on it.