March Pi Day Madness: 14 Pie Recipes And 3 Pie Crusts To Celebrate 3.14

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Cherry pie with geometry (Image via Pixabay – Public Domain)

Happy Pi Day from your Culturess. We are here to help you celebrate this occasion with 14 recipes for lovely, round pies, and 3 for pie crust.

Today is Pi Day, which as you know, is the most important day of the year. Today we celebrate two essential pillars of civilization, mathematics and pie. Really when you think about it, it should be a national holiday so we can all take the day off to do geometry and eat pie. This would be a great boon to America’s pie-based economy. Think about all the commodities involved in pie making! National Pie Making And Eating Day to support America’s dairy industry and farmers, and egg producers. We should make this a thing. In these days of division and chaos, I think both sides can agree to support and celebrate pie. Call your representatives.

There are some areas for possible contention, mainly the definition of pie. One underlying premise of this piece is that if it’s a round food in a crust, it is pie. So cheesecake and tarts are on the table, too. I am not willing to back down or compromise. Not when it comes to pie.

Now for my shameful secret: I do not make my own pastry pie crust. Graham cracker crust? Sure, I can throw one of those together. But I am scared of pie crust, so I buy it. I usually use the brand that rhymes with Shmarie Shmalendar.

In this piece, you will find three different types of pie crust variations that are easier than pastry crust. There’s pecan for a mascarpone and cranberry tart, a graham cracker for lemony sour cream cheesecake. Then there’s my favorite, the ginger snap crust for key lime pie. But you don’t have to use the assigned crust for your pie. Mix and match. Eat what makes you happy.