Game of Thrones Season 7: The Death of Some Spoilers


Could a seemingly-joking line said by a Game of Thrones star over the weekend turn out to be true when it comes to season 7?

Warning: The death of Game of Thrones / Oh-oh, letting the spoilers fall / The coming season se-ven / Seems so fitting for / Even more spoilers / How could I ask for more? (Parody of “Death of a Bachelor,” Panic! at the Disco.)

Game of Thrones Season 6 Promotional Image. Via HBO/Helen Sloan

As we continue to break down all the news that came out of SXSW this weekend when it comes to Game of Thrones, one little joke may turn out to be the most devastating line of all. As noted by our sister site, Winter is Coming, in its roundup of SXSW news, actress Maisie Williams joked that Sophie Turner’s hair was blonde because her character, Sansa Stark, had died.

The fact that though this seems to have been a joke but still merits contemplation suggests that we’ve all taken the lessons of “Valar Morghulis” to heart, even if it technically means “all men must die.” Sansa Stark may be no man, but that didn’t spare Lady Catelyn Stark at the Red Wedding or Margaery Tyrell during the destruction of the Sept of Baelor.

However, let’s take a moment and indulge our collective curiosity. How would Sansa Stark die? Most of the spoilers we’ve seen don’t really focus on her much. She’s also certainly taken a dark turn, if her killing Ramsay Bolton (justified though it may have been) is any indication.

Could it be as simple as Littlefinger killing her in a fit of rage? That doesn’t seem to fit, though we’ve certainly seen her attempt to resist him before. His help allowed her to win back Winterfell with Jon Snow, though, which means Littlefinger may think she owes him something she’s not willing to give.

Alternatively, we’ve suggested (including in the above-linked spoiler post) that the Wall may fall as soon as this season. If so, Winterfell’s practically the first target after Castle Black, and though it’s a strong castle, fighting the undead may prove too much for Sansa Stark and her army. Perhaps she’ll get a chance to go out heroically … or even die at the Night King’s hand.

For now, though, we’ll keep our hopes up that Turner just wanted to go back to blonde for a while between filming seasons.

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Season 7 premieres July 16.