Game of Thrones Season 7: Objectionable Spoilers


More Game of Thrones leaks and spoilers have arrived from season 7, and it appears that there may be some rather odd choices made this season.

Warning: Supposed Game of Thrones spoilers follow.

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9. Official Image via HBO/Helen Sloan

Just when we all thought we were safe from any more Game of Thrones leaks, real or otherwise, still more has tumbled out from the corners of the internet. These fresh ones come from Reddit via Oh No They Didn’t. Shall we start with the more … HBO of the reported leaks?

Apparently, the next season will include some more of everyone’s favorite relationship, Jaime and Cersei Lannister. (Please read the previous sentence with the amount of sarcasm you deem appropriate.) Reports indicate that there will be her giving oral sex involved.

Must we, Game of Thrones? Really? The sad part is that this show does have its own particular issues with what it chooses to show in terms of sexuality, so we almost believe it. To make matters worse, it appears that this scene will happen after Cersei takes care of Tyene Sand via poison kiss. If nothing else, that’s thematically appropriate, since it’s how Myrcella died.

But that’s not all. Apparently, Jon is somehow legitimate, or at least that’s the conclusion we’re drawing from the following spoiler. Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark apparently will have been married — and we’ll learn about it from Gilly, who has started reading a high septon’s diary and mentions that a prince got an annulment and then remarried secretly. She just happens to mispronounce the name in question.

The show’s probably going to end up with Jon on the Iron Throne, then. That’s a serious bit of evidence that helps corroborate the visions Bran has had already. Additionally, that would likely place Jon, as a legitimate son of the heir to the throne, ahead of Daenerys, and thus King of the Seven Kingdoms.

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Of course, he doesn’t have dragons, and she does, but dragons do not necessarily make a second Aegon the Conqueror, much as Dany probably wants them to.

Do these spoilers make sense? Yes, in their own way. The second one, about Rhaegar marrying Lyanna, feels a bit easy in terms of narrative, but it does neatly wrap up any questions about putting Jon on the Iron Throne if that’s where the show’s going.