6 Kids Shows That Have Changed The Conversation

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2. Liv and Maddie (Disney Channel)

For those who grew up with “Even Stevens” and “Lizzie McGuire,” Disney Channel’s “Liv and Maddie” is the perfect reimagining of the family sitcom. It finds the perfect balance of goofy and heartfelt, making the show enjoyable for more than just kids. Led by Disney darling Dove Cameron, “Liv and Maddie” has consistently made it a point to change the conversation.

Created by John D. Beck and Ron Hart, the show has tackled everything from family relationships to gender stereotypes. Most recently, “Liv and Maddie” entered uncharted territory for Disney Channel, discussing homelessness. The episode, titled “Tiny-House-A-Rooney” – yes, the title of every episode contains “a-Rooney” and is super adorable – centered on Maddie and Willow discovering a friend of theirs is actually homeless. They aren’t quite sure what to say, but they definitely know what they want to do. With the help of young Val Wishart, they build a small home for Eddie.

For a lot of Disney Channel viewers, this episode may have been the first time the topic of homelessness has actually been talked about. As always, the writers added the perfect amount of humor to keep things light, but still appreciate the gravity of the situation. Of course, this is only their latest achievement in storytelling. Heading into the final two episodes of the series, “Liv and Maddie” has never shied away from challenging subject matter, and has always knocked it out of the park. Netflix awaits you.