6 Kids Shows That Have Changed The Conversation

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1. Game Shakers (Nickelodeon)

As one of Nickelodeon’s newer shows, “Game Shakers” immediately started breaking gender barriers. It follows two young girls, Babe and Kenzie, as they try to create the perfect science project. They come up with an app called Sky Whale, a game which they code themselves. As if that weren’t impressive enough for two middle school girls, the app goes viral and they create their own company.

Backed by superstar rapper Double G, the girls set out to continue creating games for kids to enjoy. As a special treat for the ’90s kids of Nickelodeon, Double G is played by none other than Kel Mitchell, of the hit show “Kenan And Kel.”

With girls lacking a major presence in STEM fields, “Game Shakers” sets a new precedent for young viewers. It shows girls that coding is fun and exciting, and allows them to create almost anything they can imagine. Making them businesswomen on top of that destroys any notion that girls can’t be recognized and successful in their work.

More importantly, the show debunks any concerns a young girl might have about embracing her skills. When Babe suggests they use Kenzie’s app idea for the project, Kenzie worries it’d be “weird.” Babe, being the boss she is, shuts that down with a quick “What’s wrong with weird?” Thanks to “Game Shakers,” there’s nothing weird about girls who code.