Kellyanne Conway Assures Us She’s Not ‘Inspector Gadget,’ Penny, Or Brain


Kellyanne Conway is many things — most of them unprintable — but a bumbling cartoon detective is certainly not one of them, she assures us.

Throughout most of the morning, Kellyanne Conway has been getting a much-deserved roasting on social media, in part because of her headdesk-worthy comments about Donald Trump, President Barack Obama, and her concept of “spying.”

According to BoingBoing, it all started when Kellyanne Conway — who is insisting on Donald Trump’s ludicrous claims that President Barack Obama is “spying” on him instead of taking the parasailing vacations he deserves — doubled down on Trump’s claims, because that’s presumably what he’s paying her for.

Conway insisted that, in addition to being able to spy on someone through their phones, you can also spy on someone through their television sets, and, most preposterously, through “microwaves that turn into cameras.”

Leaving out the ridiculousness of the claim — which, incidentally, the Trump team has until today to prove that Obama is, indeed, spying on them — Wired calls shenanigans on Conway’s claims about the super-magical-microwave-camera for a number of reasons.

Simply put: actual microwaves (not the appliance in your kitchen, but the technology behind it) are used for air traffic control, and can also be used in satellite technology and meteorology. Microwave technology is even used in creating microphones. However, “there’s no conceivable way” a spy device can be manufactured from your kitchen appliance where you warm up your delicious three-day-old Chinese food. (What? It’s just us?)

Besides, points out Wired, microwave technology, as it’s used in your kitchen appliance, is meant to stay in (so it can cook your three-day-old Chinese food), not come out (so it can spy on you).

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When asked to clarify her comments, Kellyanne Conway insisted that she wasn’t “Inspector Gadget.” While that fact was self-evident, she’s clearly not Brain, either.