Amal Clooney, Attorney, Made The News For Her Pregnancy


Amal Clooney is an international lawyer who is currently fighting ISIS. And she made the news yesterday because she’s pregnant.

Throughout her career, Amal has represented Julian Assange, the former prime minister of Ukraine, and internationally renowned journalists. She has practiced law at The Hague. She was even a visiting faculty member at Columbia University School of Law. Her Wikipedia page reads like something you’d find on a President’s page (a President not named Donald Trump, that is).

Yesterday, she gave a powerful speech at the United Nations, imploring the governing body to look into rape and other crimes perpetrated on women by the Islamic State (better known as ISIS).

You can see the speech below.

So how did the news headlines read?

Now, don’t get us wrong: we’re as happy as can be that Amal Clooney is pregnant. Pregnancy is a scary thing, and for some women, pregnancy can be a life-or-death thing. The fact that she continues to work despite the fact that she’s expecting twins — and is considered a “high risk” pregnancy — makes her even more of a badass.

But according to The Independent, this news about Amal Clooney “showing off her baby bump” didn’t come when she was simply enjoying lunch in London while ki-ki-ing with her girlfriends. It came while she was representing her client’s testimony before the high court of the United Nations, and right after she, herself, spoke to the Excellencies about taking the steps necessary to defeat ISIS.

And, as the outlet correctly points out, the news about Clooney’s efforts was lost in the sea of speculation about WHAT WAS SHE WEARING and BEING PREGNANT. Because, you know, that’s more important than fighting a global terrorist organization.

"“But what do mass murders and mass rapes have to interest us when we could be talking about the fascinating business of the Clooney uterus? You might think you’re a professional of some standing engaged in urgent humanitarian action, but – ha ha! – no chance. You are the support structure to a swelling womb.”"

And this, if nothing else, is distressing to women, even in the 21st Century: because it sends the message, however unsubtly, that a woman will always be measured against the barometer of a man’s desire for her.

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The only reason why Amal Clooney made the media sit up yesterday is because she’s carrying George Clooney’s children. Do better, media — do better.