The 15 Netflix Comedy Specials We Love (or Look Forward To Loving)

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Amy Schumer: The Leather Special. Promotional Image via Netflix

With a new special out every week in 2017, Netflix has a huge range of comedy specials to choose from – but here are the 15 Netflix comedy specials we love!

According to Slash Film, Netflix plans to release at least one new comedy special that’s exclusive to their streaming service per week in 2017. As part of their expansion efforts, and their continued dominance of the streaming service world, Netflix is filling the void left by HBO, who no longer dominate the stand-up world as they once did.

What’s more, Netflix is locking down some of the biggest names in comedy today into exclusive contracts for stand-up specials. The short list of names is a literal who’s who of the comedy world, including Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, and Amy Schumer – the latter of whom just released The Leather Special to staggering critical acclaim. And in this regard, Netflix has filled in a gap left by HBO and Showtime: while these networks used to be the bastion for A-list comedy specials, today, they’re the home for up-and-comers. When Chris Rock defected to Netflix, after a 20 year relationship with HBO, it all but announced that Netflix had arrived, and it was here to stay.

So, with this in mind, we’ve come up with this list of the 15 Netflix comedy specials we highly recommend you check out during a Netflix and Chill date. Some of these specials are already out, and some of these will be out in a few months. Either way, get it queued up and get ready to laugh!