Buffy The Vampire Slayer Turns 20, But Her Outfits Are Timeless

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I recently started following a Twitter account called @BadBuffyOutfits that rakes some of the series’ worst offenders over the coals in a lovingly humorous way. Here’s some recent favorites from the account (complete with their snarky commentary), for your wide-eyed, face-palming enjoyment.

The account is currently celebrating Xander month, and while he has a wondrous collection of eyesore shirts, Buffy keeps stealing the show away from him with bizarre miniskirt choices.

Giles usually does pretty well with his modest coats and ties but…what’s happening here? Is that actually a horizontally striped tie in the same colors as his diagonally striped shirt, or did his shirt just do a 90 degree turn and give up?

We could go on forever with Xander’s bad shirt choices, but then this article would never end.

Yikes, Harmony, the sleeveless turtleneck sweater top…

I cannot possibly come up with a better caption to describe what Cordelia is wearing here than what the account gave. A+.

I think the sunshine is reflecting off whatever Willow’s pants are made of. Also, I can’t tell from the photo if Oz is wrapped up in half of a pink snuggie or if he actually opted to wear soft pink pants with a tan shirt and sweater vest.

And finally, to go out with a bang, here’s three bad outfits in one:

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There’s plenty more atrocities over at the Bad Buffy Outfits Twitter account, and I highly encourage you to follow them if you’re a fan for your daily dose of “Oh my God how did I not notice that when I watched the show the first time?” In other news, the rest of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is phenomenal and is currently on Netflix, but if you haven’t finished it (like me) you better get binging, as the license reportedly hasn’t been renewed past the end of March (so sayeth Vox). Looks like I have a whole season of Angel and four more episodes of bad Buffy outfits to get through tonight.