15 TV crossover couples you didn’t realize you need

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The Vampire Diaries — “The Day I Tried to Live” — Image Number: VD613_0292.jpg — Pictured: Chris Wood as Kai — Photo: Annette Brown/The CW — © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved. Lydia (Holland Roden) Season 4 Photo Credit Jaimie Trueblood and MTV

Crossover episodes allow fan favorite characters to meet, but what if they got to know each other a little better?

Television crossovers can lead to a lot of things. Friends are made, villains are slain, and occasionally some musical numbers are performed. The problems are always doubled in size, with twice the number of heroes to sort things out. It’s a magical collision of everyone’s favorite characters, but at the end of the hour they all return to their respective universes. Then again, let’s imagine they didn’t.

After seeing the incredible friendships that come from a television crossover, it’s easy to hope for more interaction in the future, especially in exploring romantic possibilities. Even the meanest of the mean must have a villainous soulmate out there.

When it comes to love, our favorite TV relationships are more sacred than our actual relationships. No love is stronger than your emotional investment in the happiness of fictional people. It becomes vital that your TV family members find happiness. But finding that happily ever after for every character is no small task. Dating is hard, especially if you live in a world with super villains, zombies, or murderers. So, we broke down the TV universe walls, and played cupid for some of our favorite characters. Let’s talk ship names for these 15 couples.