15 TV crossover couples you didn’t realize you need

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PRETTY LITTLE LIARS – Troian Bellisario stars as Spencer Hastings on ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars.” (ABC Family/Andrew Eccles) HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER – ABC’s “How to Get Away with Murder” stars Alfred Enoch as Wes Gibbins. (ABC/Bob D’Amico)

1. Spencer Hastings (Pretty Little Liars) and Wes Gibbins (How To Get Away With Murder)

Granted, Wes is (spoilers) dead. But if there’s one place where the dead seem to always show up again, it’s on Pretty Little Liars. In fact, a decent lawyer ­would be a welcome addition to Rosewood, especially for Spencer Hastings. Despite the deepest wishes of #Spoby shippers, and a teasing goodbye kiss between the two, Toby seems to be locked in on marrying Yvonne. The short-lived relationship between Spencer and Caleb confused almost everyone, and there’s still something a little off about Detective Marco. But Wes Gibbins fits the bill.

In terms of personality, Wes and Spencer seem tailor-made for each other. Both are unfailingly loyal, extremely smart and surprisingly tough (especially given Wes’s nickname of “The Puppy.”) Most importantly, the duo is exceptionally skilled at keeping secrets. Covering up a murder is presumably pretty tough, and Spencer has done it without the help of the legal knowledge The Keating 5 had. With Spencer’s political background and Wes’s law degree, these two would make a serious power couple once they finally got out of their murder towns. A normal date night for Wes and Spencer would likely include good wine, indie music and a cute but surprisingly heated game of trivia.