A Sneak Peek at Wonder Woman and the Gender Norms of Steve Trevor


As June looms ever closer, we all are anxiously awaiting Wonder Woman news and now we have a scene and Chris Pine talking about Steve Trevor.

With the release of Wonder Woman edging ever closer, many fans long to see their favorites up on that big screen. Now, we are getting small glimpses. Many are showing us what is happening with the new film. A few months ago, reporters went to the set of the film and reported about it. Now they were asked back to look at clips. From what we can tell, it is going to be awesome.

According to Collider, any fears we had about the film should be assuaged.

"Last week, I went to London to visit the edit bay for Wonder Woman, and I got to see some scenes that put my fears to rest. What Jenkins and the screenwriters have cleverly done is make sure that Wonder Woman’s naiveté always comes off as satirical.She comes from a place where woman are strong and powerful, and she’s baffled as to why they’re not treated this way in our world. Trevor’s not there to point out the shortcomings in Wonder Woman’s knowledge; she’s there to point out the shortcomings in Trevor’s society."

Chris Pine on Steve Trevor

Then on the same day that we got the news about Wonder Woman, Harper’s Bazaar released an interview with our Steve Trevor, Chris Pine. There he was asked if he thought that the film was the first female-led superhero movie. And when he said no, he made sure to back it up with amazing evidence.

"“She’s not a superhero, but if you look at Sigourney Weaver in the original Alien series, she’s a pretty significant badass. If you see her decimate these alien creatures… She may not wear a cape, but she’s pretty f*cking badass. I’d just like to put that out there. That being said, I got involved [with Wonder Woman] because I really fell in love with the director, Patty Jenkins, and her vision for the film before the script was even set. It was this wonderful situation where every day it got better and better and the people involved got more interesting and the script came in and it was really good. I’m really excited for it.”"

For those who don’t know, Chris will play Steve Trevor. Diana Prince’s human love interest, he is one of the first ‘boyfriends’ to the heroine. And he has no superpowers, which seems to excite Chris as we can see in this interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

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Check back here for all our Wonder Woman needs. We here at Culturess will update as we get news. And believe us, this is one that has us excited.