Fargo Season 3 Trailer Introduces New Characters


It’s the third promo, but Fargo finally gives us a glimpse at the key players of its upcoming season, including a barely recognizable Ewan McGregor.

Throughout the past few months, FX has fed us a steady stream of information about the next season of Fargo. Back in December, we got a full cast list. Then, in February, we got a premiere date (April 19), quickly followed by an inscrutable, funny teaser trailer. On March 2, we got a second trailer, which is, if anything, even more inscrutable than the first.

We aren’t complaining. At a time when it feels as though we know everything about everything in advance, Fargo’s restraint is more than welcome. Even so, the most recent trailer for season 3 improves on its predecessors by having the faintest semblance of meaning.

Check it out below:

If you are wondering who that dude with the mustache and receding hairline is, that’s Ewan McGregor. Here, the Moulin Rouge! heartthrob pulls a Matthew McConaughey in True Detective on us, gaining weight and using make-up to transform into Ray Stussy, an embittered parole officer with a scheme up his sleeve. Thankfully, we’ll still have the chance to see McGregor as his usual self; he plays Ray’s handsomer, more successful brother, Emmit, too.

The trailer also shows Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Nikki Swango, a cunning, bridge-playing parolee who appears to team up with Ray. The 10 Cloverfield Lane actress makes as much of an impression as McGregor, her fur coat and heavy eyeliner evoking both glamour and sleaze. The interactions between this mismatched duo are sure to be a riot.

Meanwhile, in the background, is Carrie Coon’s Gloria Burgle with her son. Chief of the Eden Valley Police, the no-nonsense Gloria struggles to connect to our modern-day culture of digital technology (she sure can rock a pixie cut, though). The clip neatly conveys her alienation with a single image:

Fargo season 3 trailer, screenshot courtesy of FX

True, it doesn’t give us any new information about the plot. But the chilly atmosphere and flickering neon “Diner” sign capture the essence of Fargo better than any amount of dialogue could. You bet we’re pumped.

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Fargo season 3 premieres Wednesday, April 19 at 10 p.m. EST on FX.