Tempting Teasers For American Gods Show Shadow Moon And More


Check out these tempting little American Gods teasers that Starz posted on Twitter in anticipation of the show’s imminent premiere.

To whet our palates and get us even more psyched for the TV adaptation of American Gods, Starz posted these little snippets on Twitter. They’re still filming, but they want us to get a first peek as the characters come to life on the screen. And I can say that I’m really excited about the casting. Check it out!

This is Shadow’s new boss, Mr. Wednesday. He’s just hired Shadow to be his errand boy, fresh out of jail and out of freakin’ nowhere. This job pays great, but it might be a little dangerous. Maybe just a little. Starz, I’m not giving anything up for that con man and his wonky eye. But then, I’m not Shadow Moon, and I don’t work for Mr. Wednesday.

Meet Technical Boy. Or rather, try to avoid him. He probably smells like Doritos and ozone. Shadow is not so fortunate to avoid him, because Technical Boy has an agenda. He wants Shadow to tell his new boss “that language is a virus and that religion is an operating system and that prayers are just so much f****** spam.” (American Gods, page 42, ISBN 0380973650)

What is the image in Technical Boy’s eye? Is it a projection, or just a reflection? Is he seeing out, or are we looking in? He’s speeding along life’s superhighway, high on gamergate power. Don’t get in his way because he will f****** kill you.

Of course, it’s always 5 p.m. for the Evening Star, Zorya Vechernyaya. In the old country, it is always time for vodka. Maybe that’s why she’s such a terrible cook, and such a ready liar.

Shadow Moon is a master of sleight of hand tricks. It’s a skill he perfected in prison. But the first coin he touches after he gets out flips him into a world he can’t really quite believe. When a self-proclaimed leprechaun named Mad Sweeney shows him what he calls a real coin trick, he gives Shadow the coin. That is a huge mistake.

That may be the case, but this is no simple game of checkers, although Czernobog is a pretty simple god. All he really wants is to smash your head in. The stakes are literally life and death, so it’s probably not a good idea for Shadow to bet on this game. But he does.

If you wake up in the middle of the night, you just might meet the Midnight Star. Stay a while for a little conversation, and Zorya Polunochnaya could show you how to catch the moon, too.

Bilquis lives for love. Actually, Bilquis lives off of love. But don’t worry, she shares too. She will take you to heights of ecstasy you never even imagined. Not that you would be around to tell your friends about it afterward. It’s one way you can get them to never kiss and tell.

Really no thanks, though. Shadow, what are you doing standing in the rain like that? Come inside or you’ll catch your death. Someone’s death, at any rate.

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American Gods premieres on Starz on April 30, at 9 p.m. ET.