20 Most Iconic Elena Gilbert Moments

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14. Fighting Klaus at the 60’s dance

Decades dances at Mystic Falls High School are notoriously epic and dangerous and this one in season 2 was no exception. At the 1960’s themed dance, Klaus has started to make his presence known, and is looking for Elena. The problem is? No one knows what he looks like. The squad – Damon, Elena, Stefan, Bonnie and Jeremy – are all on high alert, with Bonnie ready to take Klaus down herself. They’re ready.

Until they find out Bonnie will die if she takes on Klaus, and Elena immediately tells her not to – and Bonnie goes ahead anyway, fighting him on her own and dying in front of Elena’s eyes (or, so she thinks).

Even when Damon informs her later that Bonnie needed them to believe she was dead, but in reality, she had cast a spell to keep herself safe and hidden – Elena is determined for that never to happen, again. She is loyal, she is loving, and she values her loved ones’ lives more than her own every single time. She tells him as much – no one is allowed to die for her, and they’ll have to find another way to kill Klaus that doesn’t put Bonnie in danger.

Elena Gilbert, the epitome of selflessness – and I have to love her for it.