20 Most Iconic Elena Gilbert Moments

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15. Breaking out of jail to help sick Damon (2.22)

Surviving Klaus’ ritual had come at a pricey cost – Aunt Jenna and Uncle John (really Dad John, though) were gone, and so was Elena’s trust in Damon after he had forced her to drink his blood before the ritual, assuring that she’d at least come back as a vampire, something she had vehemently been against.

But during the struggle of everything, Damon was bitten by Tyler Lockwood – and was quickly fading into fever dreams and inevitable death. When Stefan tells Elena, she immediately regrets her cold disposition, and wants to help – only to find that Damon is loose on the town, and the Council – chiefly, Liz Forbes – is on the hunt for vampires. She locks Elena up in her office to keep her put, but Elena – knowing time is of the essence – throws a freaking chair through the window and makes her escape to find Damon.

Some girls just won’t be tamed – and they’re my favorite.

Singlehandedly, Elena finds Damon – who is having full on hallucinations at this point – and gets him home herself. More than that, she lays with him as he’s dying, refusing to leave his side, and gives him what he needs before he goes – forgiveness and love. Because that is the kind of person Elena Gilbert is, down to her core. She is good.