20 Most Iconic Elena Gilbert Moments

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16. Sending Jeremy away to protect him (3.10)

"“You were right. You shouldn’t have to give up a normal life just because of me.”"

Elena may always stay to fight the good fight – but she does everything in her power to protect the ones she loves, chief among them little brother Jeremy. Over the years, Jeremy, too, has lost his parents, Uncle John, Aunt Jenna, etc. It’s a long list, and while Elena may be the one who started dating vampires and getting involved with the supernatural world, Jeremy was just as dragged into it – tragedy and all.

When one too many close calls and death threats strike (thanks, Klaus), Elena has Damon compel Jeremy (again) to go stay with family friends out of state and far away from Mystic Falls and all the supernatural trouble that has befallen it.

The decision was met with some unhappiness of course – Bonnie, obviously, wasn’t thrilled for her boyfriend to be sent away without a say in it – but Elena was protecting her little brother. First and foremost, she’s always been a big sister. Jeremy was all she had left.