15 Game Of Thrones theories that are just plain awesome

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Game of Thrones Season 6 Promotional Image. Via HBO/Helen Sloan

3. A Girl Is A Stoneheart

Of all the Game of Thrones theories, this one is the most creative, and relates back to the fate of Lady Stoneheart.

Since no one knows what will happen with regards to Michelle Fairley, the fate of Lady Stoneheart is up in the air. If Fairley’s contract with The White Princess doesn’t allow for her to be contracted on Game of Thrones, even for a recurring role, the role will have to be re-cast altogether.

This will be nothing if not jarring to Game of Thrones fans, who would be hard-pressed to accept another actress in the role of Lady Stoneheart/Lady Catelyn Stark.
However, there’s another way around this re-casting – one that requires a bit of creative interpretation of the Song of Ice and Fire text: make Arya (played by Maisie Williams) as Lady Stoneheart.

This would be in line with Maisie’s proclamations that the new seasons would be “mind-blowing,” and that Arya would do things that people wouldn’t expect of her character. Besides, Arya leading the Brotherhood Without Banners, while also tracking down all the people that wronged her and her family, is nothing if not completely awesome.