Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe drop tidbits about Outlander season 3 at Emerald City Comicon


Did you miss the Outlander Emerald City Comicon Panel? We’ve got everything Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe said during the panel including video.

Sam and Cait received a rousing welcome from the Outlander fans at the Emerald City Comicon. While fans of the show we’re hoping they would be bearing gifts in the form of maybe a teaser trailer of Outlander Season 3, but sadly that didn’t happen. Cue the sad trombone. What we did get was our favorite Outlander stars looking very monochromatic and very excited to be with the fans. Both were ready for the Seattle weather and wore black leather jackets. Sam, of course, wore a very nice black kilt so he could show off his lovely knees. Right from the start, the moderator for the panel, Clare Kramer set the pace of the show. She decided to revive the Outlander bingo card as a subtle hint to guess’s who were going to get the opportunity to ask questions.

Season 3 News

The twosome were very tight-lipped about what is taking place in season 3. Matter of fact, both actors are still filming scenes in South Africa and only left so they could be with the fans. The’are headed to shoot more scenes right after the ECCC. Sam stated they are expecting to be done filming season 3 in June and take some time off. He did state that Outlander producers have already started scouting for next season.

One fan wanted to know what was the hardest scene have they filmed, and Cait didn’t hesitate to say “Episode 207 Faith.” She also wishes they would have done on Claire’s fight with a wolf in season 1.

Since this was only Cait’s second Comicon, both were asked what person did they get excited about meeting. Cait said she met Faye Dunaway recently and had to have a selfie. Sam said it was Stranger Things star, Millie Brown. He also bumped into Jeremy Renner last night and not so smoothly blurted out “You were great in Arrival.”

Full video of ECCC Outlander panel.

One of the highlights of the Q & A session, Sam and Cait were asked to do a few lines from the book but never made it on the show. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, it wasn’t practical, but both promised to do a video for the fans. You know, for Doughtlander. On a serious note, Sam and Cait could not be more generous with their time. Fans should be proud to have them.

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