Uber Nightmare: Ex-Uber Engineer Details Horrific Sexism in Company


Most everyone has used Uber at some point or another but Susan points out what the corporate life of the company was like. And it isn’t pretty.

Susan Fowler used to be an engineer at Uber. When she started, the percentage of women engineers in the whole company was at 25%. By the time she left, it was down to 3%. Why, you ask? Because sexism seems to run rampant in the company and no one does anything to stop it.

You can read Susan’s full account of her time at Uber here. In the article, she talks about the reports she made to HR and the channels she went through to try and get those who were committing these offenses in trouble.

By the end, HR at Uber as Susan to look at herself and see if she was the problem since the men were repeatedly speaking to her in that way. Basically, the article just proved how terrible of a company Uber is and how sexism is still alive and well.

But what’s interesting about this entire thing is that the CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick, is now pretending like he had no idea this was going on in his company. It was clear by Susan’s article as well as the extensive records she had, that every higher up seemed to know her story.

Who knows though. When you’re a big CEO, you can pretend like you don’t know that your company is sexist and is driving out your female engineers. You can pretend like you’re oblivious.

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While Travis being ‘oblivious’ doesn’t look good for the company either, Susan’s article is strong and empowering and she is an amazing woman who we should all look up to!