Starz Newest Hit ‘The White Princess’ Premiere Date and Trailer Revealed


The newest addition to Starz already incredible original line-up is ‘The White Princess, ‘ and it is premiering very soon.

The channel that brought us Black Sails, Outlander and Spartacus has another highly anticipated television show called The White Princess premiering April 16. Buzz over the show is intense that Harpers Bazar is calling it “the feminist answer to Game of Thrones.” The White Princess is based on the novel of the same name by Philippa Gregory. The author is best known for The Cousins War Book Series; The White Princess is the 5th book in the series.

The audience picks up just days after the conclusion of the BBC One show The White Queen. The War of the Roses is coming to an end, and a new generation ascends to the throne. What makes it different from other 15th century period pieces is that it’s told from the perspective of the most powerful women in the realm.

Just to wet fans appetite for the show, check out below the Starz full-length trailer that any Outlander or Game of Thrones fan would be giddy over.

If the trailer wasn’t able to convince you to watch The White Princess, Starz has released some very dramatic key art and pictures from the show. I don’t see how any Outlander fan could pass up a tv show like this.

Starz is not shying away from casting young talents to as leads for The White Princess. This worked out well for Outlander and are willing to roll the dice again. Playing the Queen and King of England are newcomers Jodie Comer and Jacob Collins-Levy. Kenneth (Maleficent) Cranham, Vincent Regan (300, Troy), and Caroline Goodall (The Crown) bring a wealth of experience to the show. Recognizable Game of Thrones actors who joined the show includes Essie Davis (Lady Crane), Rebecca Benson (Talla Tarly) and the regal Michelle Fairley (Catelyn Stark) plays a King’s mother…again.

As mentioned before, The White Princess is a considered a sequel to the BBC One show called The White Queen. You don’t necessarily have to watch The White Queen understand what is going on in The White Princess but if you are interested in watching the 10 part series, you can stream it from the Starz app right now.

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The White Princess begins its reign on Starz Sunday, April 16, 2017, at 8 pm ET/PT.

While Outlander fans might be hidden and patiently waiting for season 3 to start, they should absolutely give The White Princess a chance. It might be the show you never knew you wanted.