Why isn’t Serena Williams Sports Illustrated’s Cover Girl?


Sports Illustrated unveiled its annual swimsuit edition, and it features tennis star, Serena Williams. The question is, why isn’t she on the cover?

Sports Illustrated just revealed its highly anticipated annual swimsuit edition, and unexpectedly it features the gorgeous and accomplished tennis star, Serena Williams. Her being in the magazine in itself is mindblowing. Now before you get all excited, she didn’t get the coveted cover of the swimsuit edition. That honor went to three-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Girl, Kate Upton. It wasn’t until just last year that Sports Illustrated had its first sports personality on its cover for the swimsuit edition. That accolade went to mixed martial arts fighter Ronda Rousey, but even she had to share the honor with two other models. It’s hard to image a sports magazine that has had a swimsuit edition since 1964 and doesn’t have sports personalities on its covers. Check out some of the exquisite pictures below and tell me she doesn’t belong on the cover.

How does the #1 tennis player in the world, holder of the most major titles in singles, doubles, mixed doubles and built like a brick house, not make the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue?

If Sports Illustrated really wanted to make a big splash this year with their swimsuit edition, they would have put Serena on the cover. Her athletic build and feminine curves are just beyond stunning.

You don’t have to look too hard to see that Serena Williams absolutely has the goods to be on the cover. The camera just loves her.

It wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities for Sports Illustrated to put sports personalities in its swimsuit issue. ESPN’s annual “Body Issue” already uses athletes as models and has had great success. Why not change it up a little bit and have female sports stars in the swimsuit edition? I wouldn’t usually buy a copy of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, but one with real athletes and Serena on the cover would get my money.

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