Tunes for Tuesday: “Let’s Go Crazy” and “Purple Rain,” Prince


Considering the tribute he received this weekend at the Grammys as well as the re-release of his music digitally, it’s only reasonable to listen to Prince.

Nearly a year ago, Prince died at home in Paisley Park. Since then, fans have had difficulty finding his music online. That, however, has since changed — as reported by The Verge, Warner Bros. Records has re-released a huge amount of his body of work on the major streaming outlets as of Feb. 12, also known as the day that the Grammys were awarded.

Considering the fact that Bruno Mars then proceeded to put on a tribute to Prince with the help of The Time at the Grammys, it makes perfect sense to head back and listen to some of his great, classic tracks. Purple Rain as an album makes about the best start you can have.

Here’s the song Mars performed last Sunday, “Let’s Go Crazy”.

After all, we are all “gathered here to get through this thing called ‘life’,” and that hasn’t changed since this album dropped way back in 1984.

But, of course, it would be rather remiss to not also want to listen to perhaps his most iconic song ever, and not just because we all knew that Prince really, really liked purple.

It’s “Purple Rain.” We’re talking about “Purple Rain.”

He not only named the album after the track, he also named a movie after it. The cast of The Color Purple famously also performed the song not long after he passed away as their own form of tribute.

You can now find parts of Prince’s oeuvre on Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, and Amazon Music Unlimited. The Verge reports that additional music from Prince’s collection is now in the hands of Universal Music Group, which includes his huge amount of unreleased music.

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