Arnold Schwarzenegger Asks To Be President And We All Scream Yes


Donald Trump insulted Arnold Schwarzenegger at the National Prayer Breakfast and Arnold responded back in a Twitter video obviously.

It at started at the National Prayer Breakfast (where all big feuds start obviously) when Donald Trump decided to make a point about how terrible the ratings of The Apprentice have been since he left the reality show to…you know…become our freaking President.

Anyway, Trump knew that the National Prayer Breakfast is where politician bring up the ratings of their previous terrible reality shows so naturally, he brought it.

Check it out:

How sweet that he wanted a group of religious leaders to take time out of their prayers for the poor, needy, and homeless to pray for Arnold Schwarzenegger and the ratings of The Apprentice. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Trump is still an Executive Producer and making money off of the show which we are now all talking about. Hmm.

Anyway, naturally Arnold responded via a video on Twitter:

Burn! Are you offering to be our new President, Arnold? Can I please take you up on that offer? Since you held the office of Governor of California for a few years, you already have way more experience than our current President.

This isn’t the first time in the past month even that Donald has brought up the ratings of The Apprentice.

Shouldn’t he be pretty busy running the country (into the ground)? How does he know more about the ratings of The Apprentice than what laws are constitutional? Or how to figure out the math on how many people are protesting him right now? And is it a “ban” or not Donald?

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It seems like Donald cares more about how terribly The Apprentice is doing than how terrible things are currently in his own country. Almost makes me want to start watching The Apprentice. Almost.