Celebrity Apprentice: Schwarzenegger Claps Back After Trump Slams Ratings


After the ratings for Celebrity Apprentice show dropped, Donald Trump went after the show’s new host who resisted the temptation to go low.

Remember the motto given to us last summer at the Democratic National Convention? It’s, “When they go low, we go high.” It serves as a reminder that the times ahead are dark and petty. In just two weeks, the 45th President of the United States will be sworn into office. And if you’re wondering what the next four years will look like, here are some tweets from the President-elect:

That’s right. Donald Trump took some time out of his very busy schedule to bash Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ratings as the new host of Celebrity Apprentice. Trump, who still serves as executive producer and receives profits from the show, criticized Schwarzenegger for failing to pull in the same numbers as Trump did when he was hosting. In fact, Trump considers himself a “ratings machine.”

Okay, whatever, that’s fine. But it gets better. Because the former Governor of California responded:

Basically, Arnold took the high road and pointed out that ratings aren’t everything. More importantly, television ratings can be considered a giant metaphor for America’s ratings. Luckily, Trump promises his inauguration will be a “GREAT SHOW!” Because that’s what matters.

Now, if we look at this from the angle, ‘Is Arnie a movie star?’ The answer is pretty simple: Yes.

Because with franchises like Terminator and The Expendables under his belt, his box office numbers amount to more than a billion dollars. In addition, he served as governor for eight years. So while he may not be a great host, he still holds more political experience than, I don’t know, say, Donald Trump.

Look, if you’re such a “ratings machine,” there’s still time to go back to what appears to be your true calling, Mr. Trump.

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The New Celebrity Apprentice airs on Monday nights.