Culturess’ Official Ranking of Doctors in Doctor Who

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1. Fourth Doctor: Tom Baker

The Hair. The Hat. The Scarf. The Coat. When someone says Doctor Who, these are the first things people think of. And that’s all due to one man. Tom Baker played the Fourth incarnation from 1974 all the way to 1981. It is a feat unmatched by any actor in the show before or after. (His burn out was palpable by the time he quit.) He is generally regarded as the most recognizable of all of the Doctor’s incarnations, and until David Tennant came along, was the most popular Doctor the show has ever had. It helped a great deal that the show, upon his regeneration, gave up on the “Dashing Doctor as Earthbound Alien Spy Hunter.” With Baker came the return of the TARDIS flying hither and yon, stealing away his companions from their homes to have adventures in time and space. (Not just earthling companions either!)

Again, he lucked out in his companions. Baker had not just all time great Sarah Jane Smith, but also Romana, the only Time Lady to travel full time on the TARDIS. But what Baker did is something Troughton started and reboot actors like Tennant and Capaldi have built on. He had that perfect blend of madcap insanity and total brilliance that will save the universe every time.

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