17 Little Known Shows To Stream When You’ve Run Out Of Ideas

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Photo: Netflix

Black Mirror

In case you need any sort of reminders about how destructive technology is on our modern lives, Black Mirror is your answer. Conceptualized as something like an update to the old series Twilight Zone, it’s set just far enough in the future to make you question the world we’re creating. It’s right now, but just a little worse.

Although some of the episodes can veer a little toward the horror side of things, most of it is about a near future that is transforming right in front of us. More importantly, it looks at how we’re transforming it for ourselves. The first two seasons of Black Mirror were produced for the BBC, but Netflix took over season three, and it’s been a constant examination of our relationship with our technologies. Every episode is a stand alone drama, so it’s easy to drop in and out of the series.

Each episode tackles some different aspect of our modern digital space, from social media to artificial intelligence to Google Glass. It might just be the most relevant show of our time because it reflects our 21st century values in a glaring and unflinching way. It will make you think twice before you hit send, like or share.

All three series of Black Mirror are available on Netflix.