17 Little Known Shows To Stream When You’ve Run Out Of Ideas

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Photo: Animal Planet

My Cat From Hell

You don’t have to be a cat person to enjoy Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell. It’s equal parts mesmerizing and bizarre and once you have it on, it’s impossible to look away, a bit like watching a trainwreck.

Jackson Galaxy (yes, really) is a cat-virtuoso and professional feline behaviorist that seeks to help pet owners with their wayward cats. We all know what giant jerks cats can be, but Jackson seems to understand how to get them to act like they don’t want to murder us all the time.

He takes his act on the road in most episodes, arriving at homes with a guitar case filled with cat toys, a silly beard, and a far-too-serious-for-what-he’s-doing attitude. He shows up, interviews the cat owners and then the cat, and then determines what the problem is. According to Jackson, the cat whisperer, cats are very susceptible to negative energy, need a calming space, and prefer a zen environment. You really can’t make this stuff up.

Even if you have never owned a cat, this show will certainly offer its fair share of incredulous giggles, eye rolls, and disbelieving snorts.

You can stream full episodes of My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet’s website.