17 Little Known Shows To Stream When You’ve Run Out Of Ideas

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Another show about the South, this show makes me swoon in about every possible capacity. But enough about the lust in my heart, let’s talk more about Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins locked in a blood feud.

Justified is set in Harlan County, Kentucky, and follows the exploits of the dreamiest US Marshal ever to wear a star, Raylan Givens. Olyphant plays Raylan with a panty-dropping swagger that could carry this show all on its own. Factor in Goggins’ hipster-y hillbilly Boyd Crowder and you have a bromance that is one for the ages.

Raylan and Body dug coal together as young men in the mines and formed an undeniable bond with each other. When they got old enough to go their own way, Raylan went the way of the law, and Boyd went the way of the criminal. When Raylan gets assigned his home county of Harlan, he has to face off against Boyd time and time again.

While it often gets tense, there is always a underlying tone of good-natured antagonism, that keeps your loyalty constantly switching sides. (But I’ll admit right here, I always rooted for Boyd.)

Much like Rectify, Justified always treated its Southern characters with respect and dignity, and it never felt exploitative or gross.

All six seasons of Justified are available on Amazon Prime.