17 Little Known Shows To Stream When You’ve Run Out Of Ideas

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The Fall

Jamie Dornan hasn’t always been Christian Grey, thank goodness. Before he was playing amateur hour with the harmless whips and chains, he was doing some real torturing as the Irish serial killer Paul Spector.

Don’t worry, though. He’s still as cute as he can be, and I’ll admit that beard is just about too much rugged handsomeness to handle. But Paul, unlike Christian, won’t be redeemed by a woman, nor will he be deterred from his … um … inclinations.

When Paul’s murders are identified as actual serial killings, the Irish police call in the help of Metropolitan Police Superintendent Stella Gibson, played by the very ethereal Gillian Anderson. She’s got her own particular temperament, and she struggles to balance her personal life with her professional duties.

I watched season one in one sitting, and then didn’t sleep for two whole days after that. It’s suspenseful and somber, if those things can coexist, and I’m still suffering PTSD from its first season. Things go a little off the rails in season three, but seasons one and two will forever change the way you look at Christian Grey …and maybe Agent Scully, too.

All three seasons of The Fall are available on Netflix.