50 Times Hillary Clinton was Inspiring to Everyone

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LAS VEGAS, NV – OCTOBER 19: Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gestures to the crowd as she walks off stage as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump smiles after the third U.S. presidential debate at the Thomas

30. Her Love of America

It is important for a presidential candidate to love America. They are vying to be its leader after all. But there is something so refreshing about Hillary Clinton and her dedication to the United States. Most candidates, when they lose, are respectful and fade away so that the new president can lead.

But Hillary knows how dangerous a Trump presidency can be and instead of telling America “Told you so”, she is making sure still that we have the kind of country she fell in love with and wanted to serve. Hillary inspires us all to make America the best it can be and while Trump’s slogan may have been “Make America Great Again” it was really Hillary who taught us the brilliance that this country still has.

We can still be the great America we were heading towards and Hillary proves that to us. We can be an accepting country who doesn’t discriminate or hate someone because of their skin color, gender, or sexual orientation. Hillary Clinton has made sure that for a brief moment in time, everyone in this country felt like they belonged and could be safe here.

While that is pretty much gone because of Trump, we can look to Hillary’s message for hope.