10 Reasons Love Actually Gets Us into the Holiday Spirit

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Love Actually, Screencap via Universal Pictures

4. Self Reflection

We always can use a bit of self reflection, and the holiday season is the best time to look at ourselves and see how we can change. We can all be terrible at times. If we look at ourselves and see the change that we can make, the next year can be infinitely better. For Love Actually, everyone is changing in weird ways for all the characters, and they have to look at themselves for change.

Laura Linney is probably the one who needs self-reflection more than anyone else. She is obsessed with a man who she tries to date and it doesn’t work out. She realizes by the end of the movie that her true place is with her brother.

But the holidays are an amazing time. Everyone looks at their lives and what is going on around them and they decide to make changes. Whether those changes stick or not is a different story but at least we all want to be better.

The holidays remind us that there is a new year coming. And with that new year, we can be new people. So, go out and make sure you make the best of this holiday season, the Love Actually way.