11 Shows To Watch To Combat The Holiday Blues

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Photo: Hulu

The Mindy Project

Sometimes you just gotta check out. Lay on the couch with the leftover magic cookie bars, turn on Hulu and just kick back. Don’t check your Snaps, don’t answer the phone, and don’t worry about the person-shaped dent you’re leaving on the couch. Just let the tragic life of Dr. Lahiri wash over you until all the residue of the holiday is a distant memory.

The Mindy Project is your go-to. Mindy Kaling is currently my favorite feminist icon, and her character, Mindy Lahiri, is pretty much the solution to every single kind of holiday blues. On the one hand, Mindy Lahiri is kind of a boss. She’s a successful gynecologist, mother, and style idol. If you were to look at Mindy from space, it would really seem like she’s got it all together, but anybody who’s seen even one episode of The Mindy Project knows what a delightful trainwreck she is.

I like to think I’m the Mindy Lahiri of my little universe. I seem like I have my life together, but upon closer examination – like the kind you get at Christmas dinner – I really am a super hot mess. Mindy is my holiday inspiration. If she can be fabulous, we all can.