Top 20 Most Memorable Face Off Looks of All Time

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Season 8: Emily’s Queen of Hearts

Season 8 of Face Off brought the inevitable decision to add mentors. With American Idol waning, and The Voice on the ascent, many reality shows at least toyed with the idea, if not went for it full on. Most only did it once, and thankfully, Face Off was part of that batch. Still, at least they did not attempt to bring in big name celebrity mentors— instead they brought in mentors of their own makings. Season 2 winner Rayce, Season 4 winner Anthony, and Laura Tyler, who by appearing on Season 8 has now done more seasons that original judge Patrick Tatopoulos, all had teams of artists.

Laura had two contestants in her lot who she got into the finale. One was Darla, who won the whole thing. The other was 18 year old Emily, who took Laura’s instructions very well, and produced this winning look in the Face Cards challenge, even though, as Glan liked to remind us, she was the youngest contestant on the show ever. The idea of using the shape of the human heart instead of the clichéd heart symbol was genius. It gave her the hair shape, the head shape and the excuse to put little meaty looking hearts all over the dress. It was a total knock out, and head and shoulders conceptually over everyone else.