Top 20 Most Memorable Face Off Looks of All Time

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Season 7: Dina’s Goblin Band Geek

Eventual winner of the season Dina had many memorable looks over her time on the show, including a seashell-wearing Aphrodite, which has now been imitated in every season since. It helped that she had the ability to thread the needle of the horror looks while still maintaining her own charm. But it was when the horror ceased that she did her best work. And that brings us to my favorite look, perhaps of all time, the goblin band geek.

First of all, the challenge was a great one —take the stereotypes from high school, and apply them to magical creatures. After all, if fairies and goblins and elves and witches and whatnot all grow up together, what would high school be like? It’s a movie waiting to be made. I loved this so much. I loved the zits on the green skin, the bad perm, the Harry Potter glasses, the whole nine yards. Lois even pointed out the braces during the walk through. Sadly, she was only safe for it. (Ironically she made it with the idea that George’s Jock Goblin was the older brother, and he landed in the bottom. Nerds rule, jocks drool.)