Top 20 Most Memorable Face Off Looks of All Time

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Image via SyFy

Face Off returns this January, after being off the air for a year. In celebration, we run down our favorite looks of the past 10 seasons.

Face Off returns this January, after taking a full year’s hiatus between seasons. The series will be celebrating their 11th season with a return to the All-Stars format, bringing back fan favorites along with some of the strongest artists they’ve had on the show.

The make up competition show has been one of SyFy’s biggest hits in a decade where science fiction has been resurgent in popular culture. It was to the point where the channel was doing two cycles a year. (Hence why we’re on Season 11, when the show has only been on the air five years.) Thankfully cooler heads seemed to have realized that too much of a good thing risked killing the ratings, and so they delayed Season 11 from the summer debut to a January one.

While we’re waiting for the show to return and meet the latest crop of artists who will be returning to compete this season, let’s take a look back through those archives and check out the most memorable make ups from over the last ten seasons.