20 Christmas TV Episodes that Deserve a Holiday Rewatch

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6. “Mary, Joseph, and Larry” – Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season 3

Larry David can’t do anything right. At least that’s how it seems in his second show about nothing. But if there’s one thing Larry stands behind in this Season 3 episode, it’s his wife. For all his foibles, he definitely loves Cheryl. It’s just that sometimes he is really bad at showing it.

Christmas in the Curb world is only felt on a superficial level. Larry arrives home to see Cheryl’s parents, who are staying with them for the holidays, have bought a massive Christmas tree. Larry is Jewish and isn’t a fan of the holiday anyway, but he’s always willing to kowtow to his wife’s wishes. That includes taking the maid out for a Christmas lunch, where in typical Larry fashion he just compliments her cleaning abilities the entire time.

Larry once again goes into the doghouse with Cheryl after eating a gingerbread manger scene that he thought was a zoo. He knows he has to do something extra meaningful in order to win back his wife, so he goes and rents a traveling Nativity scene. It’s a really nice gesture, even for Larry, so we chalk that up to him feeling the holiday spirit. Unfortunately, he ends up saying the wrong thing to Joseph, who promptly gets into a blowout fight with him. But in a world as dry and blunt as Curb Your Enthusiasm, all we’ve really come to expect are Larry’s good intentions. We’ll take what we can get.