20 Christmas TV Episodes that Deserve a Holiday Rewatch

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5. “A Very Sunny Christmas” – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Special Episode

The Paddy’s Gang are actually really terrible people, but we just can’t get enough of their antics. That’s why it’s so gosh-darned fun to see them try and put on airs during the holiday season.

This episode, technically the finale of Season 6, was all over the map with Christmas attitudes. Charlie and Mac are actually huge fans of the holiday, but come to stunning realizations about their Christmases growing up. Mac’s family used to steal presents from all the other homes in the neighborhoods, and many men (all who dressed as Santa) would show up at Charlie’s house to, quote, “make his mom feel good”. Charlie’s fuse blows when he sees a Mall Santa, leading to the hilarious scene above.

This one actually ends on a sentimental note, very strange for a group of friends who constantly berate one another. The gang is left with nothing after Frank’s old business partner steals all their holiday gifts and blasts them with a snowblower. Realizing they only have each other, they end up just tossing rocks at trains. It sounds bizarre, but we learn it’s something Mac and Charlie have been doing since kids. Although we wish they found a bit more productive tradition, the match cut to them as kids was enough to warm our cocoas and our hearts.