20 Christmas TV Episodes that Deserve a Holiday Rewatch

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16. “Afternoon Delight” – Arrested Development, Season 2

Christmas with the Bluths sounds like an absolute nightmare, but we’re confident in the hilarity we’ll encounter along the way. This is a family which has a ridiculously difficult time getting along but they somehow manage to keep themselves afloat week after week. This Season 2 episode features two terrible Christmas parties and the creepily affectionate nature of the Bluth family dynamic.

One of the few holiday traditions we see is the decimation of the Banana Stand, which Michael has learned to take in stride. But all the while, he’s hoping to form the bond with his son George Michael that never actually gets there. Instead, the family’s jealous nature comes to the forefront, manifesting itself in weird, incestual jokes peppered throughout the episode. It’s amazing the writers were able to get away some of the more raunchier jokes. We’ll chalk it up to the sleek writing style, but I can’t listen to “Afternoon Delight” the same way ever again.

The Bluths seem obsessed with family members “leaving” them. They can’t stand being around each other but will never hesitate to initiate a chase when it suits them. At the end of the day, all they really want is companionship, but they let the green eyed monster take over far too easily. Still, we love watching them, even during the world’s most uncomfortable office Christmas party where everyone gets fired. No matter what season, it’s always an exciting time with the Bluths.