20 Christmas TV Episodes that Deserve a Holiday Rewatch

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15. “Can’t Fix Crazy” – Orange is the New Black, Season 1

Orange is the New Black is one of those shows that just gets bigger and bigger, not just in popularity, but with the cast list as well. The ensemble is massive and continues to grow as we learn more about these ladies of Litchfield. This episode from Season 1 was the cast at its smallest, so it felt a bit more intimate to see all the prisoners enjoying the Christmas spirit.

As it is with any episode of the hit Netflix show, there’s always a ton of stuff going on, so we’ll keep it centralized on the Christmas themes. It’s a nice change of pace to actually see the prisoners enjoy themselves in Litchfield. Up until this episode, we’ve mostly seen them trying to survive the day-to-day hardships and infighting. The Christmas pageant is one of the very few joys in the prison and everyone wants to make it their own.

The most amazing moment is hearing Norma, a mute, bust out a beautifully sweet singing voice, saving Crazy Eyes from further embarrassment after she froze up on stage. The ladies try and help each other out in any way they can, even in a place as isolating as prison. This episode leaves us on many a cliffhanger in the matters of love, respect, and life, but that’s Christmas in prison for you.