15 reasons the Star Wars Holiday Special is actually terrible

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Image courtesy of Disney

11. The Wrong Millennium Falcon

Okay, I do not understand why they couldn’t just use the set for the Millennium Falcon that they already had. Was it being used? Why couldn’t they just go and use that? And why couldn’t someone light it just a little bit better? But, since they couldn’t, we got dark and weird shots of our beloved ship.

That would be bad enough if it didn’t also include Han and Chewie shooting at a ship from the cockpit. Why is this bad, you ask? Because it is not how the Millennium Falcon is designed. Like … not at all. Who does something like that? Why not just use the Falcon as you’re supposed to?

For those who do not know, you have to go to a separate compartment of the Falcon to aim the guns. Or at least that is what Finn and Rey had to do in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Yes, they can access the guns and shoot them from the cockpit, but we rarely see shots like that happen.

But I guess the Holiday Special wanted to change that. Instead, the guns seemed to be in the cockpit with them? If not, it was the most confusing of shots. Whatever it was, the Falcon was underused and weird looking.