15 reasons the Star Wars Holiday Special is actually terrible

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10. Harvey Korman’s Cooking Show

With multiple arms, terrible make-up and Harvey Korman potentially being in black face, we have to ask ourselves why this got made in the first place. This particular cooking scene is long and weird and boring and offensive. And Harvey gets so into it that he messes up his wig and they just left it in.

The alien he plays has like five arms and they just keep emerging for comedic effect. The problem was that it wasn’t really funny. Instead, it was just annoying. After the first two times, we had to start to ask ourselves why they continually thought an alien revealing an extra arm would be funny.

This entire special makes us want to ask questions. Like, in what world did this scream Star Wars to them? Did anyone actually watch the Star Wars movies before this holiday special was made? Why did they think Harvey Korman would be a good guest star for it? Yeah, he was famous at the time, but he has nothing to do with the series.

So, instead of a Holiday Special we’d enjoy, we get this weird thing and people trying their hardest to make a terribly written special fun for everyone watching. Even if that means having Harvey Korman basically in black face.