15 reasons the Star Wars Holiday Special is actually terrible

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6. Harrison Ford Not Caring

At the beginning of the Star Wars Holiday Special, Harrison Ford is trying as much as Harrison Ford wants to try. It isn’t a lot but he is at least somewhat Han Solo-like. Then, as the special goes on, slowly but surely, he loses every ounce of interest he ever had in it.

He starts off slightly strong, and then just says his lines like he could not care less. And honestly, I do not think he can. He seems miserable the entire time and he just does it because they probably are paying him a lot of money. Otherwise, I feel like Harrison would never, in a million years, be in this.

But he is and you can tell he still hates it. Every time someone brings it up, a little bit of Harrison Ford dies. He clearly wants it to go away and he even wanted it to go away back then when he was first filming it.

Someone had to have begged him to please be in it. Because otherwise, why would he say yes to this? Yeah, Mark and Carrie said yes but I feel like Harrison is the last person to ever agree to stuff, and yet, he agreed to this. Again, I ask, why?