Here are the 10 Best Characters from Season One of Westworld

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Anthony Hopkins in Westworld season 1, image courtesy of HBO

6. Dr. Robert Ford

Anthony Hopkins has quite the way of playing evil men who seem harmless on the outside. Dr. Robert Ford is basically Hannibal Lecter 2.0, but instead of eating human flesh, he just created a game where people can get killed continually.

Robert and Arnold are the two who created the game, and he continues to craft storylines. But Robert is always scheming and planning against people. Basically, he’s not a good man. He seems harmless on the outside but he is constantly threatening people and making it clear that he will do whatever he wants for his game.

“Whoever designed this place, you get a feeling they don’t think very much of people,” is something that William says to Logan but it is perfect for Robert. He thinks everyone is disposable.

That was made prominent when he threatened Theresa and basically showed her his power. He gets power hungry and wants nothing more than to completely fix his game and have it be his own. Anthony Hopkins makes you think he is a gentle man who just loves his work. With just one wicked smile, though, we know that that isn’t the case at all. He is actually a really terrible person who likes watching lifelike robots die day in and day out.