Here are the 10 Best Characters from Season One of Westworld

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Jeffrey Wright in Westworld season 1, image courtesy of John P. Johnson/HBO

5. Bernard Lowe

Bernard Lowe’s reveal was a little better than William’s. We knew that Arnold wasn’t completely gone, and it kind of became obvious that Bernard was Arnold around the third episode. We just didn’t know in what capacity. Obviously, we learned that Bernard was in fact a host designed to be like Arnold but by episode three, we knew that there was something up with him.

As the season goes on, we can clearly see the changes in Bernard. It starts with him hiding the glitches in the robots and progresses into this reveal. Westworld is seemingly, at its base, a show about pretty cool storylines and then reveals what we can all see coming.

To be fair to Bernard, we just assumed he was Arnold in some way. Not that he was a host designed to be Arnold. The writers got us on that one. However, we knew his purpose and where he was going. We just didn’t know the endgame. I suppose that’s part of the structure of the game as well. You know their purpose, you just don’t know the endgame of where you’re going.

Everyone has a specific part they play, and Bernard’s was to be the creator who lost himself.