Cosplays for the Holidays: 11 Costume Ideas for Your Holiday Party

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STANISLAV IANEVSKI and EMMA WATSON as Hermione Granger in Warner Bros. Pictures’ movie “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.” photo by Murray Close. Warner Bros. Pictures

Harry Potter 

Want something with a little more whimsy? This cosplay from the Triwizard Tournament’s Yule Ball is just the ticket! Witches and Wizards alike have many options to choose from. You can go with Hermione-feminist-chic-pink, or Ginny Weasley’s pastel ball gown. Since this is a high school setting, all the dresses have some frills to them. Even Fleur Delacour’s silver ensemble has some youthfulness that will liven up the party. 

If you’re feeling like repping your cultural identity, take a cue from Cho Chang and the Patil Twins. Hot Pink Saris or Silver Qipao at an Anglo Christmas will certainly pop and be the center of attention. 

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros.

For the gentlemen, Harry or Cedric’s dress robes are the way to go. Classic black, and a white button up.  Just make sure to brush your hair! 

Might I suggest avoiding Ron’s musty, dusty, mauve robes. If you want to stand out, trying taking your cue from Dumbledore instead.  Shiny and bright! 

Not feeling that Hogwarts vibe? Victor Krum was chic in a red tailored military jacket, complete with a fur cape. If you have a Hermione on your arm, then it’s the perfect group cosplay! 

Speaking of group cosplay, there’s always the classic Harry Potter choice. You and your friends dress up in your house colors and dance the night away. #SlytherinsForLife 

from Melissa Slaughter