25 Netflix shows you could binge over the holiday weekend

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13. Peaky Blinders

Another Netflix series has made its way onto this list. No surprise there, since the streaming service tends to favor miniseries as is. Anyways, Peaky Blinders has actually made its way onto our best TV shows of 2016, which means it hasn’t slowed down a single bit in its third season. No, we won’t spoil its placing — you’ll have to read the list for that.

The show kicks things off in 1919 in Birmingham, England, so not long after World War I ended and just as things were transitioning into the now infamous Roaring Twenties. Our protagonist, whom we hesitate to call a hero for reasons you’ll soon discover, is Tommy Shelby, played by Cillian Murphy.

You see, we can’t call him a hero because he’s also a crime boss. So often we tend to associate gangsters with America, but there were crime families across the pond, too. (In fact, the Peaky Blinders were a real gang.)

With a rating of TV-MA and its subject material, this’ll be a show you can watch at night or in the morning when you’re huddled up in bed with your phone or tablet. However, you’ll only need a medium level of commitment — there are just 18 episodes. The BBC has already ordered two more seasons.

That means that now is the time to start watching.