25 Netflix shows you could binge over the holiday weekend

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12. Ascension

It’s time to get scientific. Ascension takes place in a different reality than our own, in which a ship was launched in 1963 to reach Proxima Centauri. Now halfway through its expected 100-year travel time, the Ascension is not a calm ship, for a murder has taken place.

Generally speaking, murders do not really happen on the Ascension. However, as the investigation continues, the crew begin to question what’s really going on with regards to their mission. We won’t spoil anything more here for you. However, know that there’s some distinct psychological thriller overtones to the series to go alongside the murder mystery and science-fiction setting.

This show isn’t really the shortest we have on our list. However, it actually is one of the shortest, depending on how you slice it. Let’s explain. Ascension has 6 episodes of nearly 45 minutes each. However, you could just as easily divide it into three chapters of 90 minutes each, which is how the show itself does things in its episode titles.

With a rating of TV-MA, you’ll need to put it on when the kids aren’t around, but with such a low commitment level, you could watch one chapter (two episodes) a night and still have Dec. 26 to start something new.